Pc Calculator, notes to the screenshot
1. This screenshot is from Windows XP. You can select the font size here by clickin the title bar and selecting properties. You can also customise the colouring there. 2. You can add explanatory comments anywhere into the memory.
4. Use spaces to make long numbers more readable.
3. You can calculate several expressions on the same line. Note also the decimal point. It can be either dot or comma. 6. This is editors cursor on line 635, column 19. You can move it freely to any place in the memory and when you press ENTER, the line shown is executed and its value is put to the adjacent results' window.
5. Use of the multiplication sign is voluntary. For instance, here AE=A*E. 8. This is the value of the working register x. Note that it is different from the capital letter memory register X.
7. If there are several expressions on the line, the value of the last one is shown. 9. Press F9 On to see all the constants or the variables in the registers A-Z, which are different from the zero.
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