Pc Calculator, user defined functions
1. With Pc Calculator the creation of the user defined functions is easy. Each of the memory lines is actually also a function, which can be executed with the line function or a quote function ". Here is a collection of hyperbolic functions, which take their parameters from the register @. 2. You can add explanatory comments anywhere into the memory. Here is the beginning of formulas, which calculate the date of the easter sunday for the year in the register y.
3. The size of the calculators working memory is 2000 lines and each line can be even 2000 characters long. When you start the program, it opens from the same place where the cursor was, when the program was previously closed. If you want to find some specific place in the memory, you can use programs find command Alt-f.
From the version 4.2 onward you can also divide your work to different task books and open them directly from inside of the program.

  Using line function to execute program lines
4. This screenshot is from the version 3.5. Here the cursor is on the line V=494. If the code is somewhere else, you need only to give a new value to V accordingly. In the version 4.0 you could also use the symbolic memory addressing. 5. Here the coefficient values start from the line U=489. They could be anywhere in the memory, if only U on the line V points to them.
3. This was the landing place of the previous screenshot's find command. Note that this example is obsolete, because the matrix inversion is much more simple to use. You only need to write down the matrix of the equation coefficients and take the inverse of it. Move the cursor over the picture to see.

Advanced properties
If you can calculate something on the paper, so you can with Pc Calculator but only much faster. Find here an example how refraction integral is calculated with Pc Calculator. This is a program for you, If you, for instance, want to know, how far away a refraction raised horizon is.

What makes Pc-Calculator unique?
  • Its user interface is an editor. This allows a full control, how its memory is arranged.
  • You can add explanatory comments and make your own named constants and/or shortcuts.
  • There can be many expressions on one line and the line can be even 2000 characters long.
  • A line can also be divided into cells where values can be stored or recalled.
  • You can scroll memory lines horizontally one at a time.
  • You can scroll memory lines vertically as you wish.
  • If no risk of confuse exists, the use of the multiplication sign is voluntary.
  • Spaces are allowed in the numbers.
  • Shortcuts for the standard functions (s=sin, c=cos, ...).
  • In the functions parenthesis are in many cases unnecessary, for instance, s30,0 = s(30.0) or you can write sx^2+cx^2 and get the correct result (=1).
  • Quote function $ (or ") for shortcuts or for the line execution.
  • Line function , user functions u, v, j and d.
  • Symbolic memory addressing.
  • Matrix inversion.
  • Sexagesimal to decimal and decimal to sexagesimal conversion.
  • In the long number mode also the remainder is calculated, if whole numbers are divided.
  • The background colour of the memory sheet is in two colours. This helps the user to outline the scheme.
  • Only restricted mouse support. There are some intelligent mouse gestures but no specific mouse buttons. This forces to use computers keyboard or numeric keypad, which is much, much faster. If you doubt that, take time and try to count a total of twenty decimal numbers, for instance. However, start with Pc-Calculator, because its author is almost sure that you can't get a correct answer, not at least in the first try, with any mouse oriented calculator. And this I dare to say regardless, how accurately those resemble their pocket calculator exemplars. Some of them are even proud about that, which I think is ridiculous. At least, I haven't seen any pocket calculator, which were used with a mouse ;)
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