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* By the way, what sense does it make to imitate a cheap pocket calculator, when all the resources of a real computer are available?           Notes to the screenshot

Pc Calculator is a totally new kind of a calculator. At the same time it is a handy text and formula editor and an advanced scientific calculator. It works in an intuitive way and it is extremely user-friendly. For instance, all possible typing errors are easily corrected and fast recalculated. And, its working memory is like a piece of paper, which you can scroll back and forth and write your calculations just where you wish. You can also add explanatory comments to remind you what the calculations were made for. On exit all the comments and formulas are saved and when you next time open the program, it starts from the same position where it previously was.
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Pc Calculator comes with many unique properties. Find here examples how its ingenious line and quote functions are used to create user defined functions or to solve a system of linear equations in four variables. And, in the long number mode calculations with very long numbers, over 200 digits, are supported, too. For further details load the program and read the manual if necessary.
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What is new?
A major revision of Pc-Calculator was recently released. It comes now with a clipboard copy and paste and every one of its memory lines may have a name, which can be used to execute a constant, a function or a whole block of lines. It has a large working memory for notes and calculations and it comes with a tutorial showing, for instance, how three parameter user defined functions are created. As an example a calendar to julian date conversion is given. Julian date is an easy method to count days between two calendar dates. The day of the week is also easily found. In the compact mode the appearance of the program is also improved and you can start it directly in this mode. See the screenshot below.



New in version 4.21
  • Matrix inversion
  • Store to and Recall from a cell on a line
  • Open a new task
  • Open an external editor
  • Open task related web pages
  • Solve a system of linear equations
  • Make linear least-squares solutions
       Pc Calculator
New in version 4.3
  • New big window mode for use in the matrix and spreadsheet calculations
  • Large number calculations possible also in the loops and user functions
  • Task file length increased to 30000 lines